"Arnie Seitel and his team did a tremendous job in developing and executing a marketing and sales strategy for the Ritz-Carlton Paradise Valley. With a depth of experience in sales, marketing, development, management, strategy and execution, Arnie and his team understand the mindset of the prospective buyers and how best to find prospects, communicate with them in the proper tone and manner, and obtain contracts to finish the job by getting contracts closed and owners moved in. "His reputation for hard work, creativity and integrity is well earned. He may not always tell you what you want to hear but that is because he will always tell you the truth and what the reality of any given situation is. You will always get a straight and honest answer from Arnie. "I continue to recommend Arnie and his team to my Ritz-Carlton Developer partners as a resource to draw upon for their projects in the strategy, sales and marketing areas. I have confidence in Arnie and his team and know that whatever they recommend will have been well thought out, executed properly, on budget and timeframe and will produce results."

Gary J. Gosztonyi - Vice President, Marriott International, Inc.

"Arnie's vast real estate sales experience in all market conditions along with the honesty and integrity he approaches sales solutions are second to none. I've worked with Arnie for many years, and consistently found him to be totally dedicated to the projects he is working on, the developers he represents, the sales team he works beside and the clients who are purchasing our product."

David Hill - President, Resort Ventures West

"I worked with John and Arnie on a 182 condo project in the Caribbean for over a year and a half. We had not sold anything on the project for over 18 months (during the season of 2007) when they came on board. Their team put together a strategic marketing and sales plan and successfully executed it. As a result, we sold multiple units in the 2008 season, at the height of the real estate downturn. I don't know of any projects that sold even 2 or 3 units in the Caribbean at that time. They did a great job of assessing the market, putting together a solid team and executing the plan."

Lamar Rutherford - Director of Sales & Marketing, Orient Express Hotels and Resorts

"Arnie was the face of S&P, and was responsible for the overall success of our business. Many of our successes can be directly attributed to his attention to all the essential details, creating clear strategies and proper execution with the best sales teams. I do not hesitate in saying Arnie is one of the best in the industry and hold him in the highest regard."

Sid Landolt President - S&P Destination Properties


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